Iron Man Avengers Game

we're never sure about the chunky graphics in these games, but they are fun to play, even if not realistically looking like the Iron man character. Still, the Avengers come in all shapes and sizes and different lifeforms so who are we? Play the role of Tony Stark, one of the Avengers, and fly through the city in your Iron Man suit knocking out drones and other enemies including Loki. To play use your arrow keys to move Iron Man and your space bar to send out a short pulse whilst holding your space bar down for longer sends out a strong blast. Now did you know Iron Man actually bought Area 51 in America which was revealed in Avengers #19? Or that, unseen in the movies, Tony Stark has a drink problem? Okay enough trivia. After you've played this Lego Iron man game why not check out and play our other online Iron Man and superhero games?. After you play this Mandarin game why not check out and play our other online Iron Man games?

Battle City

Iron man Flying Game

This is a fairly straight forward Iron Man game where he dons his suit and goes flying above the New York landscape in a battle to gain control of the city. He's up against some fierce some enemies with overwhelming fire power so its not going to be easy!

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Iron Man Games Online

Iron Man was a relatively insignificant superhero in Marvel's armoury until the first Iron Man movie in 2008. Now its time to put on the exoskeleton suit as you roleplay Tony Stark taking on your enemies including the Mandarin and Loki in a series of cool Iron Man games.

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